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SWB Audio App

Capture all audio from your mac

Stream Audio To Anything

replaces the old iShowU Audio Capture driver

Works with BigSur & the new M1!

Need to stream audio into discord? Or want to get audio from your apps/games into OBS?

"SWB Audio App" is a simple to use audio driver for your mac that solves these problems. It's often used with OBS/Discord/Music apps, when wanting to stream your audio to listeners of your channel or stream.

Stream that audio!

Suitable for sending audio from mac apps to Discord, OBS, or other streaming/live apps.

One Click

Enable audio playthrough (capturing all audio from the mac, and playing to your speakers or headset) with a single click.

Multi Output Audio

Route audio from apps to both speakers/headset and the SWB Audio Capture driver at the same time, without the need to "playthrough" the audio. SWB Audio App can do both - leaving you free to choose / use what is most appropriate for your situation.
Built in quick-setup for Multi Output, letting you choose the other devices you wish to add, and creating the multi-output device for you.

Simple & Standalone

Self contained installer, with no extra apps required & no kexts!

Planned updates

Aggregate Support

Easy setup of "aggregate devices". Automatic setup of aggregate devices, so you don't have to. Just choose the other devices you wish to "merge" with SWB Audio App, and it'll do the rest.

Per App Audio (*almost done)

Set the levels for various apps independently. Want the app audio for some apps to be less? No problem; just lower the volume the slider for that app. Or mute it completely!

Note: these features are not 100% guaranteed to be in a future release, but are being actively developed with a view to being included, if they work well in practice.