• iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
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  • iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
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  • iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
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  • iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
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  • iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
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iShowU Studio 2 application icon

iShowU Studio 2

Video editing so simple, it's elegant!

Built from day one with a single core idea: easy screen recording & editing on your Mac - so that it's easy to capture what you need; edit; and then share where you want to.

Say hello to iShowU Studio 2

It's easy to add text, annotations, transitions, pointers and highlights and then share your result. Features you've come to expect in the iShowU "series" have been supercharged: screen & camera recording, mouse highlighting and keyboard animations take on a new lease of life now that you can edit when and how they appear. Did we mention we've reworked uploading too? Take the best realtime capture, then mix in world class editing - and voila, that's iShowU Studio 2!

  • Built natively for Intel & Apple Silicon

  • Requires OS X 10.14.4 or later


screen recording for mac

Super fast full screen capture

Utilising the latest OS X technology and hardware accelerated goodness.

Simple editing interface icon

Simple editing interface

An uncluttered yet useful screen recording interface, with the editing tools you need directly accessible.

Full suite of Editing Tools icon

Full suite of Editing Tools

Super intuitive pan/zoom, transitions, shapes, fades and more. iShowU Studio 2 lets you point out what’s important quickly and easily.

Video editing for Mac OSX

Built specifically for screencasts

Mouse and keyboard visualization, audio annotations: just some of the tools tailored specifically for the creation of ‘screen based’ content.

Share your creation icon

Share your creation

Get your result “out there”! The share/export panel focuses on what your end users need. Quicktime? No problem. Web? No problem! iDevices1? Yep! 1080p? Sure! YouTube, Vimeo as well? You got it!

1 Apple iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above, iPad Mini.

Capture directly from iOS icon

Capture directly from iOS

Capture directly from your iOS device, create beautiful demos of your iOS apps with ease!

1 Requires that the iOS device be connected to your Mac using a lightning connector.

We love colour icon

We love colour

iShowU Studio 2 is aware of colour-tagged footage, giving you accurate results all the way from import, preview through to final render.

Built in Camera capture icon

Built in Camera capture

Plug in any OS X compatible camera and capture footage from that in realtime. Or add it later, your call.

Gorgeous "Full Screen" editing interface icon

Gorgeous "Full Screen" editing interface

Designed from the beginning to both operate and look fantastic when in full screen.

Designed in Italy, created in New Zealand icon

Designed in Italy, created in New Zealand

What would have happened if Enzo Ferrari had met Burt Munro? We’ll never know, but in iShowU Studio 2 we’ve combined the passions of a NZ coder (they’re an odd bunch) and Italian designer to create what we think is the best, gorgeous user experience in a video editing application for Mac.

Why should I get iShowU Studio 2?

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  iShowU Studio 2 iShowU Instant iShowU Instant + Advanced Features
Realtime capture
Live preview
Customizable recording presets
Detailed output format options
Output as ProRes 4444/422
Animated GIF & PNG generation
Pattern-based output filename generation
Multichannel audio support
Audio filters (dynamics, compressor, EQ)
Scheduled recordings
User editable capture area
iOS device recording 3 3
Record microphone audio
Record system audio
Record camera
Record mouse movement and clicks 1
Show mouse click ‘names’ (left/right/middle)
Show number of clicks
Record keystrokes 2
Show modifiers held
Option to force uppercase & remove duplicate keypresses
Show keypresses directly next to mouse cursor
Embed timestamp during recording
Edit after recording
Trim video before publication
Embed watermarks
Add shape objects (lines, arrows, etc.)
Add custom text objects
Add additional media (pictures, movies, audio)
Crop unwanted areas before publication
Freeze-frame at any time, for any duration
Camera position modification (a.k.a pan/zoom)
Full screen editing interface
Share/export directly to iPod/iPad compatible formats
Export Selected Range
Upload directly to YouTube
Upload directly to Vimeo
Integration with OS X sharing
  1. Mouse click descriptions and modifier keys only available with iShowU Instant Advanced Features.
  2. Keypresses following mouse cursor, only showing last key pressed, removing duplicate keys, and forcing keypresses to uppercase only available with iShowU Instant Advanced Features.
  3. Requires the phone be connected to your Mac with a lightning cable. The older 30 pin cable won’t work.

I've got iShowU Studio 1, why should I get iShowU Studio 2?

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