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Did you know?

We have released modern and up-to-date versions of our screen capture software. These new apps make use of the latest Apple APIs, providing a performant and seamless experience.

iShowU Instant - realtime screen recording

iShowU Instant replaces iShowU v1 / HD and HD Pro. We've taken the best features of these original iShowU apps and rewritten iShowU Instant from the ground up to be the best realtime screen recording tool on the planet.

iShowU Instant is able to record up to 60fps, optional preview, dual 'basic' and 'advanced' user interfaces, GIF generation, H264, JPEG and Prores codecs, audio dynamics processors and even a basic editing!

iShowU Studio 2 - screen recording with built in editing

iShowU Studio lets you record like the previous iShowU apps, but includes a full featured "post" editing solution in a single app.

You can add shapes, pointers, highlight areas, freeze frame, add additional audio (either from a mic or existing media), additional movies and more.