• iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
    The presets make Stomp useable for anyone, even if you have little knowledge of video compression MacAppZone.com
  • iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
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Video Compression for the rest of us, Size does matter
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Stomp started its life as an idea to be the ultimate video recompressor, and ended up something so much more powerful than that. YouTube, Google Video, iMovie, Batch mode The list goes on and on.

Video is a huge part of your online life. Ever tried to email a movie clip to Grandma? What, its 400mb for a short clip of your cat playing the piano? Well, thats no fun at all (the file size, not the cat). Enter Stomp, where size does matter.

Quicktime Video Conversion

Powerful Presets

Stomp takes in big videos and spits out small ones, and does it so easily, even Grandma can do it. Included are presets for popular devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Video, Apple TV and YouTube) make converting videos a snap.

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Core Image Effects

Leverage the impressive Core Image effects built into OS X for your videos. Want to add a blur? Correct colors? Change a bit of gamma? Stomp makes it easy with simple to use effect GUIs you can even stack multiple effects at once.

batch video conversion

Batch Processing

Batch processing takes Stomp to a whole new level. Feed Stomp a list of videos, choose your format and walk away. Stomps intelligent batch processor makes quickwork of even the longest conversions, all without any user intervention.

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Super Simple Cropping

Dead-easy. Drag a box around your video and Stomp crops the movie. Thats it, no more searching for parameters or pixel width. You can also scale videos with a single click. Manipulating your videos has never been this easy.

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Stomps single-window interface means youll never need to search for the right sub-menu; everything is right in front of you. But dont let looks fool you, that single-window is where all of the power lives

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Other cool features

Use all of the codecs of QuickTime, with a better interface, all without having to have a QT Pro license