• iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
    Allows me to provide very personal, visual and informative feedback to my students extremely quickly Dr Mike Howarth
  • iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
    Share to all OS X services, including YouTube, Facebook and more shinywhitebox
  • iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
    Record your iOS device with ease shinywhitebox
  • iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
    I recently upgraded from HD to Instant. In a word: "Amazing". A joy to use & well thought out. Nick Carruthers
  • iShowU Instant has Awesome Audio tools
    Easy to setup and use. Just point it at a window, done! Neil
iShowU Instant application icon

iShowU Instant

Realtime screen recording for macOS

Welcome to realtime screen recording like you've never seen before! iShowU Instant is the fastest, most feature filled realtime screen capture tool from shinywhitebox yet. It takes key features from both "Classic" and HD Pro, and merges them into a single product, making 'Instant' the only app you'll ever need to create recordings quickly.

All of the features you would expect are here, and probably some you don't! Record from any screen, enhance your microphone audio through the use of a dynamics processor, compressor and/or equaliser, add text and/or an overlay, enhance your recording with mouse and click visualization, trim front/back after recording, create time-lapse recordings, share to a wide range of online services, and more.

  • Built natively for Intel & Apple Silicon

  • Requires OS X 10.14.4 or later

  • Trim, Audio Dynamics / Compressor / EQ require Advanced Features, which can be purchased in-app at any time

Standard Features

A User Interface meant for you icon

A User Interface meant for you

Use an interface that you’re comfortable with. Want something simple? Use Basic mode. Want more power? Advanced mode gives access to all the options!

Customise your settings icon

Customise your settings

Easily create presets for common editing tasks, or for different types of output. Give them custom names so you can easily recognize them.

Super Sharing icon

Super Sharing

Share to YouTube, Vimeo and all other enabled OS X services. We’ve even included an animated GIF generator!

Clean and Simple icon

Clean and Simple

No need to tidy your desktop, we’ll do it for you. Instant can hide your desktop icons, and change your desktop picture to a solid color or other image.

Flexible Output icon

Flexible Output

Produce Quicktime or MP4 at up to 60fps. Want to create a timelapse? You can set the frame rate as low as 1 frame per minute!

Better Camera Capture icon

Better Camera Capture

Camera capture has been enhanced with the ability to show the camera either as a classic picture-in-picture, full screen, or completely hide it. Not only that, the transitions are animated in real time as you’re recording.

A time for everything icon

A time for everything

Start and stop recording when you want, using either durations or fixed absolute times.

Advanced Features

available as an in-app purchase, anytime
Audio Dynamics, Compressor and EQ icon

Audio Dynamics, Compressor and EQ

Get crisp and clean audio using the built in dynamics, compressor and equaliser. No need to clean audio afterwards. Got a 32 channel outboard device as input? No problem!

Text & Image Watermarks icon

Text & Image Watermarks

Watermark your recordings with either text or an image (or both!), with control over opacity, size, position, rotation, borders, and reflection.

Prores built in icon

Prores built in

Retain maximum quality with a choice of either 422 or 4444 formats.

Full Visualization Control icon

Full Visualization Control

More control over mouse & keypress visualization. Customize colors, enable single keypress visuals, modifier keypresses and click descriptions.

Record iOS devices icon

Record iOS devices

Create awesome looking demo videos from any iOS device.

Built-in Editing Essentials icon

Built-in Editing Essentials

Trim unwanted parts from the start & end and insert annotations or other graphic elements. Editing mode brings commonly used editing tools directly to iShowU.

Why iShowU Instant is better than iShowU v1 / HD & HD Pro

Want to know more, dig deeper? Read a more in depth response to one of our customers. Read Now
  iShowU Studio 2 iShowU Instant iShowU Instant + Advanced Features
Realtime capture
Live preview
Customizable recording presets
Detailed output format options
Output as ProRes 4444/422
Animated GIF & PNG generation
Pattern-based output filename generation
Multichannel audio support
Audio filters (dynamics, compressor, EQ)
Scheduled recordings
User editable capture area
iOS device recording 3 3
Record microphone audio
Record system audio
Record camera
Record mouse movement and clicks 1
Show mouse click ‘names’ (left/right/middle)
Show number of clicks
Record keystrokes 2
Show modifiers held
Option to force uppercase & remove duplicate keypresses
Show keypresses directly next to mouse cursor
Embed timestamp during recording
Edit after recording
Trim video before publication
Embed watermarks
Add shape objects (lines, arrows, etc.)
Add custom text objects
Add additional media (pictures, movies, audio)
Crop unwanted areas before publication
Freeze-frame at any time, for any duration
Camera position modification (a.k.a pan/zoom)
Full screen editing interface
Share/export directly to iPod/iPad compatible formats
Export Selected Range
Upload directly to YouTube
Upload directly to Vimeo
Integration with OS X sharing
  1. Mouse click descriptions and modifier keys only available with iShowU Instant Advanced Features.
  2. Keypresses following mouse cursor, only showing last key pressed, removing duplicate keys, and forcing keypresses to uppercase only available with iShowU Instant Advanced Features.
  3. Requires the phone be connected to your Mac with a lightning cable. The older 30 pin cable won’t work.

Demo Video