Flexible presets icon

Flexible presets

Small snippets or full screen shots – iShowU comes with super-useful, built-in presets to help get you on your way, and you can create your own with just a few quick clicks.

Awesome screen recording for mac

Instant recording

No more waiting for encoding, as soon as you stop recording your video is instantly available.

Easy to use screen capture

Easy to use

Just drag the capture rectangle over what you want to record and hit enter. There’s only one button (that’ll be the one labelled “record”) between you and video bliss.

You're in Control icon

You're in Control

Don’t want to record system audio? Microphone level too low? Video too big? iShowU has simple settings to control your capture, and does so from a single-window interface, so you can’t get lost.

Understands your mac icon

Understands your mac

iShowU is a Universal Binary and also knows what monitors you’ve got connected (so you’re not restricted to capturing just one screen) – drag the mouse wherever you want to go and iShowU records it all.

Take the Night Off icon

Take the Night Off

Don’t sit and watch the recording, waiting for the right point to stop it. Setup a recording timer then go out for dinner!

One-Click Publishing icon

One-Click Publishing

Zero effort encoding and publishing of your movie directly to the web from within iShowU. Supports iPod/iPad and also 1:1 high quality H264.

Other cool features icon

Other cool features

  • Captures mouse positions (or not)
  • Supports any QuickTime compression method (OSX 10.6)
  • Pause / Resume recording
  • Compatible with OSX 10.5+
  • Can automatically feed completed videos to Stomp
  • Made by a good Kiwi


iShowU HD HD Pro Studio
Realtime capture Yes Yes Yes No
Pause/Resume Yes Yes Yes No
Follow Mouse6 Yes Yes Yes No
Record microphone audio Yes Yes Yes Yes
Record system audio Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom presets Yes Yes Yes No
On the fly GPU scaling No Yes Yes Yes
Custom backgrounds No Yes Yes No
iSight/Webcam support No Yes Yes Yes
Automatically detects and scales full screen apps1 No Yes Yes Yes
Upload to web2 No Yes Yes Yes
Embed watermarks No No Yes Yes
Record Keystrokes No No Yes Yes
Support for all CoreAudio inputs3 No No Yes Yes
Specific support for Final Cut Express/Pro4 No No Yes No
Low CPU usage mode (L/SL only)5 No No Yes No
Editing of footage after recording is finished No No No Yes
Easy trimming of unwanted clips No No No Yes
Add additional other video, music or audio annotations No No No Yes
Freeze framing & Pan/Zoom tools No No No Yes
Ability to have camera or other clips showing only at certain times No No No Yes
Audio and video fading No No No Yes
Direct export to iPhone/iPad compatible formats No No No Yes
  1. Keynote, World of Warcraft, etc. iShowU HD will automatically capture the full screen when an application itself goes “full screen”.
  2. YouTube, Blip.TV and Howcast built-in.
  3. Multi Channel Mixer (OSX 10.6 only). HD Pro lets you capture every audio channel independently (so if you want to remix just one later, that is possible).
  4. In general, Final Cut prefers video with no “skipped frames”. iShowU HD Pro lets you specify whether or not gaps in a recording should be filled or expanded to fill the correct frame duration.
  5. Low CPU mode is available on builds for machines running Leopard or Snow Leopard only (versions with number < 2.3.8). Put another way, Low CPU mode isn’t available for Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks.
  6. No need in iShowU Studio, as it records full screen

iShowU Changelog

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