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iShowU v1/HD iShowU Studio
Realtime capture1 Yes No
User editable Capture Area Yes No
Crop unwanted areas before publication No Yes
Full non-linear editor! No Yes
Record microphone audio Yes Yes
Record system audio Yes Yes
Record iSight camera Yes2 Yes
Record Mouse movement & clicks Yes Yes
Record Keystrokes Yes Yes
Embed watermarks Yes2 Yes
Add additional picture media Yes 2 Yes
Add additional movie media No Yes
Add additional existing audio No Yes
Add additional existing microphone audio No Yes
Add shape objects (lines, arrows, etc) No Yes
Add custom text objects No Yes
Freeze-frame at any time, for any duration No Yes
Camera position modification (aka: Pan/Zoom) No Yes
Share/Export directly to iPod/iPad compatible formats No Yes
Upload to YouTube Yes2 Yes
Upload to Vimeo No Yes
Full screen editing interface No Yes
  1. Realtime: Recording of footage where the final result is ready when you stop recording, without the need to encode/composite after recording is finished
  2. iShowU HD / HD Pro only

iShowU Studio Changelog

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